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Community Investment Program

Member companies of the PennEast Pipeline have roots in the community that span generations. Throughout our member companies’ proud history, they have contributed millions of dollars to support local initiatives. PennEast has continued this tradition, contributing over $700,000 to community organizations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey through its Community Investment Program.

PennEast began its Community Investment Program in 2014 to help the communities where PennEast will operate.

For example, the Community Connector Grant Program provides grants up to $5,000 to support important projects along the proposed route. PennEast is focused on not-for-profit organizations dedicated to safety, the environment, and education and energy sector workforce development. The recently introduced PennEast Powering STEM Grant Program provides grants up to $10,000 to qualified science, technology, engineering and math educational initiatives. .

Alongside financial support, PennEast’s team regularly gives its time to community causes and nonprofit organizations. From assisting food banks to trail cleanup, to facilitating training opportunities for first responders, PennEast knows how valuable time and a helping hand can be. Contact us if your organization could use PennEast’s support for a day.

PennEast will continue to build partnerships with local communities by listening to their concerns and supporting those making a difference.

Click here to apply for a PennEast Community Connector Grant. Applicant projects should provide community
benefits including:

  • Support for first responders and emergency management
  • Improved community safety
  • Conservation of important habitat
  • Enhancement of open spaces, recreational areas and wildlife habitat
  • Preservation of community culture and heritage
  • Support environment or energy education programs
  • Support for local workforce development for the energy industry

Click here for more information on PennEast’s Powering STEM Grant Program.