Delaware Riverkeeper Network and New Jersey Sierra Club Continue To Mislead Public, Make Deceptive Claims

February 9, 2017

Background: The following is a statement by Pat Kornick, spokesperson for PennEast Pipeline Company, regarding environmental groups’ continued misinformation with respect to the proposed PennEast Pipeline route.

“It’s shameful that fringe environmental groups, principally the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and New Jersey Sierra Club, continue to deceive local communities and fool the media by regurgitating old rumors about the PennEast Pipeline’s proposed route. PennEast is not recommending or proposing a new route that goes through central Bucks County. Any claims suggesting otherwise by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, New Jersey Sierra Club or others are flat-out false.

“PennEast has not submitted route alternatives to FERC since September, 23, 2016. Those alternatives were adjustments in response to valuable input from landowners and agencies.

“PennEast clearly explained in a November 30th press release (following the Sierra Club’s first misrepresentation of the facts), that PennEast responded to a technical data request from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (via FERC) in November 2016 concerning an area designated as an Important Bird Area (IBA). PennEast provided a hypothetical route that required an additional 20 miles of length and two Delaware River crossings, and concluded, ‘It is preferable to utilize the currently proposed route and minimize impacts to the IBA and migratory birds by utilizing the appropriate avoidance and minimization measures.’

“It is truly sad that organizations like the Delaware Riverkeeper Network and New Jersey Sierra Club use false information to prey upon homeowners. PennEast is not recommending a route through central Bucks County, nor has it submitted the route to FERC as a proposed alternative. If residents have questions or concerns please contact PennEast directly at 844-347-7119 or at [email protected] for factual information. Please do not trust groups and individuals who continue to deceive the public to support their broader anti-natural gas agendas.”