EPA: “Many Of Our Concerns And Objections Have Been Or Will Be Addressed”

May 8, 2017

PennEast Pipeline Company’s highest priority is safety, which includes safeguarding our environment. Over the last three years, PennEast has spent countless hours refining the Pipeline’s route and working with local communities and stakeholders to ensure minimal environmental impact.

PennEast is pleased to learn the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 3 has reviewed the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the PennEast Project. EPA’s review is an acknowledgement of PennEast’s efforts and commitment to balance energy delivery and economic growth with environmental protection.

In the EPA’s May 8, 2017, letter to FERC, the EPA writes “FERC’s efforts to consider and actively engage EPA to discuss comments, which resulted in improved or modified documentation provided in the [Final] EIS and improved safeguards for protection of human health and the environment.”

The EPA continues, “We believe that through engagement with FERC after the release of the Draft EIS and with the Corps during the permitting process, many of our concerns and objections have been or will be addressed. It is helpful and assuring the Final EIS includes several commitments on detailed studies, public and agency coordination, and additional avoidance and minimization measures, as well as plans that will be completed.”

PennEast appreciates EPA’s comments, and will continue to work with federal and state permitting agencies to deliver low-cost and reliable energy supplies to the region’s constrained pipeline system.

Click here to read EPA’s May 8, 2017, letter to FERC