Kidder Township Zoning Board Approves PennEast Zoning Requests

December 20, 2016

Background: The following is a statement by Pat Kornick, spokesperson for PennEast Pipeline Company, regarding the Kidder Township Zoning Board’s decision on December 19, 2016. Kidder Township is located in Carbon County, Pennsylvania.

“PennEast Pipeline Company is pleased that the Kidder Township Zoning Board has approved its applications for approval of a special exception under the Zoning Ordinance for PennEast’s compressor station, as well as a three-foot height variance.

“The PennEast Pipeline Project has been designed to minimize impact and disturbance by requiring only one compressor station to serve the entire line. PennEast also examined several potential locations for its compressor station taking into account many factors. PennEast chose the site in Kidder Township based not only on safety – our highest priority – but also due to its location that minimizes visual and noise impacts.

“PennEast’s compressor station will feature advance-soundproofing technology that will keep sound levels at or below 55 dBA. For comparison, that’s less than normal speech at 3 feet.

“The Zoning Board’s approval is another step forward to PennEast providing greater energy security and lower energy costs for the region’s families and businesses. PennEast will continue to work with Kidder Township, and looks forward to the Board of Supervisors’ ensuing variance consideration.”