Letter: PennEast pipeline project would use local labor

August 17, 2016


Published in the August 17, 2016, Express Times

In the two years since the PennEast pipeline project was announced, the company has continuously engaged communities along the proposed route to refine their plan to safely build and maintain the pipeline.

Part of that plan is a commitment to using exhaustively trained local labor for the construction of the project. These are people who live and work near the pipeline footprint, who have a personal stake in its safe construction.

There has been some misinformation regarding natural gas pipeline safety. The truth is that pipelines are the safest means of transportation and incidents are rare. When it comes to the PennEast Project, please know it’s in good hands, both during construction and operation.

Other loud voices have spoken about environmental concerns, many from outside our communities. But natural gas is the only realistic way Pennsylvania can reach ambitious carbon reduction goals set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. We embrace renewable technology and install it, but it isn’t ready to shoulder our energy burden.

Remember, this is our homes, our families, and our friends who live here. Priority No. 1 is a better, cleaner, stronger tomorrow for all of us.

– David Horn, Laborers International Union of North America