Letter: PennEast Pipeline would be safe

March 29, 2016

(Wyomissing, PA) – A letter raised misguided concerns about PennEast Pipeline’s application to the Delaware River Basin Commission for a water permit and alleged impacts on waterways (“Stop the pipeline,” March 10). The pipeline will deliver low-cost, local natural gas to eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey families and businesses.

The letter stated that PennEast “plans . . . to withdraw more than 45 million gallons of water.” This is a one-time withdrawal used to test the pipeline’s integrity prior to its going into service. It is an important safety procedure that would have a temporary impact, as the water would be returned to the same watershed.

The letter also stated that horizontal directional drilling “would destroy high-quality streams and impact the water supply for seven million people.” Such drilling substantially lessens environmental impacts when crossing sensitive areas and is encouraged by federal and state agencies and environmental organizations.

Where PennEast doesn’t use horizontal directional drilling, it works with state agencies to ensure the best practices are used to prevent erosion and runoff.

The safety and health of the communities along PennEast’s route are our absolute priority, and that includes protecting the environment. We are committed to being a good neighbor.

Peter Terranova, chair, board of managers, PennEast Pipeline Co.; Wyomissing, Pa.; [email protected]