New White Paper: “Fleets Run Cleaner on Natural Gas”

September 20, 2016


NGVAmerica’s Emissions and Environmental Working Group has completed a white paper and infographic highlighting the benefits for fleets using natural gas as a transportation fuel, Fleets Run Cleaner on Natural Gas. The goal of the working group was to provide an NGV industry supported consensus document on the benefits of switching to natural gas.

“Lower greenhouse-gas and environmental-related emissions are priorities for shippers, trucking fleets, municipal refuse vehicles and transit buses across the country. Natural gas provides clear advantages among alternative transportation fuels,” the white paper states. “This document was created to explain the emission and environmental benefits associated with CNG and LNG, as well as the technical reasons behind the calculations and inputs that were chosen.”

The white paper then goes on to identify the environmental benefits of natural gas:

  • Combusting natural gas produces 27% fewer CO2 emissions than diesel fuel on an energy equivalent basis;
  • CNG in heavy-duty vehicles has 13% to 17% fewer greenhouse-gas emissions compared with diesel on a well-to-wheel basis;
  • LNG in heavy-duty vehicles has 6% to 11% fewer greenhouse-gas emissions over diesel on a well-to-wheel basis; and
  • Near-zero natural gas engines produce 95% fewer nitrogen oxide emissions than the current standards.

The infographic provides high level environmental benefits, while the white paper goes into more detail and provides definitions, assumptions and sources for our results. NGVAmerica hopes that these documents serve as a source for its members and the industry at large when discussing the benefits of using natural gas vehicles.