PennEast Dec. 17 Week In Review

A Recap of PennEast and Important Natural Gas News As cold weather is upon us, take comfort that Pennsylvania’s natural gas producers are ready for this winter – explains George Stark of Cabot Oil & Gas in a Morning Call editorial this week. George highlights the savings delivered by pipelines, reiterating that PennEast could have… Read more »

Commentary: Pipelines are key to Pa’s energy future

The following column is by David Spigelmyer, president of the Pittsburgh-based Marcellus Shale Coalition. If there is one issue which Americans can rally around after a contentious and hard-fought political season, it’s the dire need to grow jobs and improve our nation’s infrastructure. As the second-largest natural gas producer in the nation, Pennsylvania has played… Read more »

Commentary: PennEast not looking for another pipeline route

The following column is by Pat Kornick, spokesperson for PennEast Pipeline Company. This originally appeared in the December 13, 2016, Intelligencer. A recent Intelligencer story falsely stated that PennEast was “looking at (an) alternative route” for its natural gas pipeline. This is not true, despite deceptive allegations by the New Jersey Sierra Club, which spurred… Read more »

Commentary: Marcellus Shale gas pipelines deliver lower energy prices

The following column is by George Stark, director of external affairs at Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation. This originally appeared in the December 13, 2016, Morning Call. Residents across Pennsylvania take comfort. If you use natural gas or electricity (increasingly fueled by natural gas) for heating, cooking and everyday uses, Pennsylvania’s natural gas producers are… Read more »

NJ Sierra Club Falsely Alleges New PennEast Pipeline Route Alternative

Misinterprets Responses to FERC Data Request The PennEast Pipeline Company has not submitted a recent alternative route with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) as deceptively claimed by the New Jersey Sierra Club in a November 29 news release. PennEast has not submitted route alternatives since the end of September, when it announced 33 route… Read more »

PennEast Nov. 20 Week In Review

A Recap of PennEast and Important Natural Gas News This week PennEast member company UGI Energy Services reiterated PennEast’s commitment to safety at Wednesday’s joint Pennsylvania House and Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness committee hearing. UGI Energy Services’ Pam Witmer cited the many safety measures that are incorporated into the design of transmission pipelines;… Read more »

PennEast Nov. 12 Week In Review

A Recap of PennEast and Important Natural Gas News This week’s major news stories stemmed from the results of Tuesday’s election. Much has already been written about the potential energy and environmental implications. And on election night, API conducted a voter poll to gauge sentiments surrounding energy. Among the results, 81 percent of those polled… Read more »

EIA: Natural gas ends “refill season” at record high level

From the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Weekly Natural Gas Update: Working natural gas in storage in the Lower 48 states as of October 31, the traditional end of the refill season, reached a record level of 3,986 billion cubic feet (Bcf), as interpolated from EIA’s Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report data released today. This is… Read more »

Have You Heard? Compressor Stations Are Quieter Than People Talking

Safety, environmental protection, and neighbor satisfaction are three of PennEast’s highest priorities, and this includes reducing noise disturbance to the greatest extent possible. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), as well as other federal, state and local agencies, strictly regulates noise levels for compressor stations. Inside a compressor station, it is noisy; however, compliance with… Read more »