PA Chemical Industry Supports PennEast

June 9, 2016

quoteThis past Tuesday, the same day Shell Chemical Appalachia announced it was moving forward with a multibillion-dollar ethane cracker in western Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Chemical Industry Council (PCIC) weighed-in with their support for the PennEast Pipeline.

“To ensure the chemical industry’s continued growth in Pennsylvania and the region, manufacturers need to be assured they can leverage local energy supplies as their competitive edge. To do so requires continued investments in natural gas pipeline infrastructure like the PennEast Project,” writes PCIC President Jeffrey Logan.

Nationwide, the American Chemistry Council reports that thanks to shale gas, “Chemical companies from around the world are investing in new projects to build or expand their shale-advantaged capacity in the United States. As of [April 2016], 264 projects cumulatively valued at $164 billion in capital investment have been announced, with 40 percent completed or under construction and 55 percent in the planning phase.”

PennEast looks forward to helping companies expand their competitive edge thanks to abundant American shale gas.

PennEast’s additional 1 billion cubic feet of day natural gas capacity with help put downward pressure on energy prices to strengthen not only the region’s chemical and manufacturing industries, but all business – and family – budgets.

Click here to read the PCIC’s comments to FERC