PennEast Highlighted At “Think About Energy” Briefing

July 15, 2016

The PennEast Pipeline Project was featured in a recent “Think About Energy” Briefing this spring. The Briefing – the ninth in a series held across Pennsylvania over the past three years – once again brought together natural gas producers, “midstream” companies, and a range of businesses that are taking advantage of low-cost natural gas to reduce emissions and lower energy costs.

The importance of new infrastructure investments, such as the PennEast Pipeline, was a special focus of the conversation.

Featured speaker Allen Coleman, of PennEast member company UGI Energy Services, explained, “As the infrastructure required to bring additional supplies of Marcellus Shale natural gas to market continues to develop, there will be even greater availability of natural gas for business customers throughout Pennsylvania, resulting in lower and more stable energy pricing. This is a tremendous opportunity for Pennsylvania businesses to take advantage of a homegrown resource.”

In the accompanying video, Allen discusses those opportunities and how PennEast will benefit local families, businesses, as well as the region’s environment as PennEast’s additional supply of clean-burning natural gas helps replace other fuels.