PennEast Responds to NJ Congresswoman’s Attempt to Stop Pipeline

June 30, 2016

PennEast Pipeline Company introduced the proposed PennEast Pipeline Project in August 2014. Pending regulatory approval, the PennEast Pipeline Project has an estimated in-service date of second half of 2018. This approximately four-year timeline demonstrates the rigorous pipeline review process in place.

The existing process, administered by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, thoroughly considers need and extensively analyzes environmental impact.

PennEast recognizes that some groups and individuals are opposed to the Project. However, simply because they object to the Pipeline doesn’t mean it is not needed, or that it isn’t involved in a thorough environmental review.

PennEast continues to demonstrate its commitment to minimizing environmental impact; including evaluating more than 100 route options and implementing multiple route modifications based on stakeholder feedback. These efforts have resulted in co-locating approximately 37 percent of the route with existing rights of way.

Additionally, 75 percent of New Jersey households depend on natural gas to heat their homes. Rather than seeking ways to make the infrastructure review process more onerous solely due to antagonistic attitudes toward clean-burning natural gas, efforts would be best directed to pursuing public policy that supports building natural gas infrastructure to help reduce energy costs for New Jersey families and businesses.