PennEast: “Simply Good Public Policy”

June 16, 2016

quoteThe region’s leading business associations, representing tens of thousands of employees, continue to voice their support for affordable energy and reliable natural gas.

This month the Pennsylvania Business Council (PBC) reaffirmed their support for the PennEast Pipeline to lower manufacturing costs and increase benefits for families and businesses alike.

“We believe the PennEast Pipeline is a much-needed energy solution to not only improve Pennsylvania’s business climate, but to also help Pennsylvanians keep more of their income in their pockets by delivering affordable, clean and abundant energy to the region,” Pennsylvania Business Council President & CEO Dave Patti said.

In the Council’s support for PennEast, Patti cites a recent assessment of Pennsylvania’s economy by the Tax Foundation that highlights Pennsylvania is increasingly trending toward a serviced-based economy. “While our service-producing sectors are important, we need to close this gap, and lure-back our manufacturing base and its high wages. And part of the solution is to leverage affordable natural gas supplies – like those that will be delivered by the PennEast Pipeline,” explains Patti.

Patti also adds that, “The reason energy customers have had to stomach reliability and price concerns lies squarely on the issue of inadequate pipeline infrastructure. That’s why constructing new natural gas pipeline infrastructure is simply good public policy.”

All regional businesses and families who use electricity or natural gas will enjoy the benefits from PennEast’s additional gas supplies. Leveraging local, abundant and reliable natural gas supplies through the safe and responsible construction and operation of PennEast will chart our local and state economies on a course to prosperity.

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