The Powers Family and Natural Gas

February 2, 2017

Natural gas helps heat our homes, cook our food, heat our water, and generates about one-third of the nation’s electricity. It’s also used to make many of the products and goods that we need and enjoy most – like shoes, sporting equipment and medicines. Appliances powered by natural gas are more cost effective, reliable and efficient.

Meet the Powers Family


They may not always realize it, but natural gas plays a pretty significant role in their everyday life. They use natural gas to heat and cool their home and to cook their meals. It’s even used to make many of the products and goods that they need and enjoy most.

Did you know that natural gas plays a daily role in all our lives?

In the morning, while Sam is brushing his teeth thanks to the help of a toothpaste tube made from natural gas, the rest of the family starts its day — from the kitchen to the gym — with the help of natural gas.


When the family heads to work and school, Amy goes to work ensuring natural gas is delivered safely, while natural gas fuels the rest of the family’s activities.


When the sun goes down, the increasing use of natural gas by American power plants helps power the family television, charge its cell phones, and so much more.