Prior Alternative 3 (originally filed as “Alternate 2 to Original Route with NJ Loop (Initial Preferred Route)” in draft Resource Report 10)

PennEast conducted further analysis of environmental constraints, resulting in this alternative. In order to reduce potential environmental impacts related to the spur to serve Elizabethtown Gas, PennEast eliminated Prior Alternative 2. This elimination avoids the pipeline crossing the Delaware River a second time. Along with exclusion of the spur to serve Elizabethtown Gas, this alternative shifts the alignment from MP 70 to MP 90 from Bucks County, Pennsylvania to Hunterdon County, New Jersey. This would allow the pipeline to make all desired interconnections. This alternative is preferable to Prior Alternative 2 because it traversed less densely populated areas, reducing both temporary and permanent impacts. Further, because of the topography, and based on aerial imagery, it is estimated that Prior Alternative 2 would result in greater impacts to wetlands and waterbodies.










FERC Order


Line Operational

Property owners contacted FERC Pre-filing application submitted Public Open Houses

Formal application for PennEast Pipeline filed with FERC

FERC issues their final decision

FERC issues Final Environmental Impact Statement

FERC issues federal approval

Pending regulatory approvals, affordable natural gas now benefiting local families and businesses