Prior Alternative 4 (originally filed as “Transco Leidy Line Alternative” in draft Resource Report 10)

PennEast considered a loop of Transco‘s Leidy Line pipeline system as a system alternative to the proposed Project. A loop of Transco’s Leidy Line could access the same production region that the PennEast Project accesses. However, the Transco Leidy Line does not offer the same access to specific delivery point locations provided by the PennEast Project.

PennEast will offer direct delivery to both UGI Utilities in Pennsylvania and Elizabethtown Gas in New Jersey that cannot be made by utilizing the Transco system. PennEast’s proposed route is also uniquely capable of providing an interconnection with both Algonquin and Texas Eastern at one location, which will provide supply for growing markets served by each transmission system in the capacity constrained northeast and New England. Because the Transco Leidy Line cannot make these direct deliveries to UGI Utilities and Elizabethtown and Transco does not access Algonquin and Texas Eastern at one location, any Transco system alternative does not satisfy the purpose and need of the PennEast Project. In addition, if Transco were to loop its Leidy Line pipeline system as an alternative to the Project, there would not be an additional new pipeline system to deliver production from this region to the markets to be served by the Project, providing a further reason why this system alternative does not satisfy the purpose and need of the Project. PennEast is also considering requests for interconnections with existing power generation located within a short distance of PennEast’s proposed route that cannot be served from Transco’s ROW.

In addition to the foregoing, a loop of Transco’s Leidy Line is not a viable alternative in light of the current circumstances and the environmental impact associated with constructing the facilities. PennEast has performed analysis of an alternative involving a loop of Transco’s Leidy Line. PennEast agrees with Transco’s own statement where it indicates that the existing line cannot be expanded: “The existing Transco pipeline system is extremely capacity constrained in New Jersey and Southern Pennsylvania, operating in very densely populated areas. […]due to encroachment of residential and commercial structures along the Transco system, certain areas would be nearly impossible to loop and would require other greenfield portions to be constructed, further increasing the overall impact of the project.”










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