Prior Alternative 5 (originally filed as “Preferred Route November 2014” in draft Resource Report 10)

Along Prior Alternative 3, reroutes were considered that incorporated co-location. Along the alignment, the centerline was shifted to co-locate with various utility right-of-ways, including gas pipeline and electric transmission. Co-location reduces the amount of clearing and environmental impacts and concentrates them into a smaller area. Between MP 10 and MP 20, which is an area that the pipeline navigates Pennsylvania State Game Lands, the alignment was moved to co-locate with Transco’s pipeline. This not only decreased the amount of new permanent ROW required throughout the entire route, but also reduced the cumulative land use impacts of the corridor. Other significant co-location segments fall between MP 20 and MP 40. ROW agents have been working with individual landowners to avoid sensitive features on properties, which allows Alternative 5 to take into account all of these features, as well as cultural resources that have been discovered through surveying. Multiple cultural resources, including sites with both historic and prehistoric components have been located throughout the proposed route, and appropriate reroutes have been applied. Alternative 5 also includes the Hellertown 24-inch Lateral. This lateral permits another interconnect into the PennEast pipeline.










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