Prior Alternative 7 (March 30, 2015)

Preferred Alternative 7 replaced Prior Alternative 6 and was filed with the FERC on March 30, 2015. Following feedback from the scoping meetings and numerous conversations with landowners, state and local agencies, and other stakeholders, PennEast revised and refined portions of the preferred alternative route. The largest variations from Prior Alternative 6 are related to the location of the crossing of the Bethlehem Authority water supply main lines (between MP 44 and MP 45), Appalachian Trail crossing (between MP 46 and MP 55), existing subdivision plans for Trio Farms (between MP 59 and 62), and existing Huntington Knolls housing development plans (between MP 77 and MP 80). Additional field data gained through ground survey and property owner consultations resulted in a few smaller adjustments.

In addition to the route variations noted above, an additional interconnect was needed for the Gilbert Power Generation facility in Holland Township, New Jersey, which is fed by a small lateral to supply natural gas to the facility. The previously located interconnection with Elizabethtown Gas was relocated so that both interconnects can be co-located within the power station’s industrial property to minimize additional above-ground impacts.










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