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Right-of-way (ROW) restoration will begin after pipeline construction is complete. PennEast will work closely with landowners to restore each property as specified in landowner agreements. This includes initial maintenance and repair work, as well as follow-up inspections of agricultural lands.

  • PennEast will make every reasonable effort to complete cleanup of an area — including final grading and installation of permanent erosion control structures — within 20 days after backfilling the trench (within 10 days in residential areas).
  • Weather and soil conditions permitting, PennEast will seed the disturbed ROW within six working days of final grading.
  • As long as no permanent structures are built or trees planted atop the ROW, the ROW can be used as it was before the underground pipeline was installed, which includes farming and recreational activities.
  • PennEast has developed an Agricultural Impact Minimization Plan (AIMP) to address agricultural related issues, including restoration of agricultural land. Please see the AIMP here.

Learn how PennEast works with landowners to define mutually beneficial restoration plans and the type of work involved with residential and agricultural restoration here.