Statement by PennEast Pipeline Company, Regarding Alleged Trespassing

May 4, 2016

“While the opposition tactic of filing a lawsuit is not unique to PennEast, it clearly demonstrates the great lengths that those opposed to the Project will go to try to discredit the many environmental, practical and economic benefits the PennEast Pipeline Project will deliver to local families and businesses. When PennEast receives the lawsuit, PennEast will review it and take the appropriate next steps to defend itself against what we believe will prove to be a meritless, frivolous lawsuit and is confident the courts will find in PennEast’s favor.

“PennEast holds its employees and contractors to the highest standards and employs robust procedures to review survey plans prior to initiating on-the-ground surveys. This process includes daily review and confirmation for which properties PennEast has survey permission.

“If a landowner believes there has been a trespassing incident, the landowner immediately should contact PennEast to promptly investigate the situation. Through the course of this Project, allegations regarding trespassing incidences generally have involved PennEast’s use of public right of way and not private property.

“Though most instances have involved public right of ways, which PennEast has the right to occupy in the course of its survey activities, PennEast again urges landowners to contact PennEast if they believe an infraction is occurring. There is certainly no systemic pattern of PennEast violating landowner property rights.

“Upon receipt of the lawsuit, PennEast will carefully evaluate the allegations and will respond accordingly.”