Video: Powering STEM Grant Recipient – NJ Governor’s STEM Scholars Program

May 1, 2017

On March 23, PennEast representatives visited the New Jersey State House in Trenton to present students and leadership of the Governor’s STEM Scholars Program a $10,000 PennEast Powering STEM grant. “We’re so delighted to have the support of PennEast supporting the Governor’s STEM Scholars,” said David Hodges, Director of the Governor’s STEM Scholars Program. “The grant helps us out in so many ways.”

In the video below, learn more about the Governor’s STEM Scholars Program. Program scholars and directors explain the importance of New Jersey’s STEM economy and preparing New Jersey’s youth for rewarding STEM careers.

“PennEast is proud to support the expansion of the Governor’s STEM Scholars Program, a comprehensive program that provides students from diverse backgrounds across New Jersey with significant educational and networking opportunities that will help prepare them for a successful STEM career,” said Pam Witmer of PennEast Pipeline Company. “We are confident that this important investment will contribute to our combined efforts to ensure that New Jersey remains a global STEM leader moving into the future.”